How To Apply Clone Effect with InShOT – Complete Guide 2024

Every video editor is looking for something that will enable them to leverage on ideas that truly stand out, something so simple, yet so awe inspiring that the audience will have no choice but to fully indulge themselves in it, some tool of wonder to shape something magnificent, some Excalibur to defeat the undefeated, some magic wand that turns dreams into reality, this all sounds like something from a children’s book but what if we told you that the InShot pro apk has one such ace up its sleeve that will help you create something that looks like it’s straight out of a magic show? Enters the “clone effect”.  The Clone effect is one of the effects that you would think is only possible with very advance and expensive video editing software but being a crafty and resourceful video-editing Swiss army knife, InShot pro has made this incredible feature not only accessible for you but also absolutely free. Cloning effect in videos means that you make persons or objects appear multiple times in same scenes by joining different clips of the same person or object in a single scene, this ability can open up a world of different new ideas and concepts and lets you create videos with countless exciting ideas and scenes that are both equally captivating and exciting to watch. Now, with this app, you can use the cloning effect to generate clones of people or objects with ease, you can use this effect to clone moving and stationary objects alike and what’s even better is that it will all look so seamless that the viewers wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference. So, let’s take a look at how this effect is applied. Stay with us through this process and we promise you that you will be making videos that will capture your audience and make them stare in wonder, unable to resist the temptation to watch it till the end.

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How To Apply Clone Effect with InShOT

Simple Steps Of How To Apply Clone Effect with InShOT

So, without wasting any of your precious time, let’s take a deep-dive into the process of cloning and see what all the fuss is about shall we?

  1. Shoot all the videos with the person or object that you want to clone and make sure that the frame stays still and focused on the same spot throughout all the video clips.
  2. Now import the first clip by clicking on the “video” and then tapping “new” button that appears right after.
  3. Select the part where you want the second clone to appear after the first one progresses through the scene and use the PIP tool to add the second clip as a separate frame over the first one.
  4. Now add keyframe by tapping on the “keyframe” button.
  5. tap on the “mask” tool to create a complete transition. The mask tool enables you to complete the transition by fusing together the two clips, you also have a number of shapes and angles through which you can adjust the transitions.
  6. You can adjust the masks by grabbing the round pointer on the edges of the masks and dragging and dropping them at the desired points.
  7. Keep applying the mask tool and adjusting the angles. You can use this tool to adjust the transition as many times as you need.
  8. Repeat the same process to add as many clones as you want and there you go! You are all done.

How To Apply Clone Effect with InShOT Tutorial

How To Apply Clone Effect with InShOT FAQS

A1: The cloning effect is an effect that can be created in InShot pro, this effect allows the users to create copies or “clones” of the same person or object in the same scene, allowing the users to create the illusion of multiple copies of the same person which let’s them create content that is unique and different. It’s a very clever concept that lets the users play with a variety of ideas.       

A2: The only prerequisite for applying this effect is more than 1 video clips of an object or person that is meant to be cloned with the same background.

A3: One of the most common problems faced during the execution of the cloning effect is the change or disturbance in the background of the separate video clips used for cloning. It is best to make sure that the camera does not move during the different video takes and the background does not alter. Another common problem arises during the usage of the mask tool as it can be tricky to cut out the unwanted parts without disturbing the actual subjects. To avoid this problem, try to leave appropriate gaps between the transitions.

A4: To apply the cloning effect properly, you must have separate videos of the same object ideally moving in the same direction, the camera angle must stay exactly the same and the background and surroundings must not be altered in the different clips.


To clone stationary objects, place the object or person in different parts of the frame as this method doesn’t allow cloning things that are in the same place in a frame.

Easy, wasn’t it? Now that you know how the cloning effect is created, try it out for yourself, let your imagination run wild, create your clones and march your storm troopers to conquer the video editing universe.

So, you’ve learned the process but you must be having some questions, curiosity leads to great things after all. So being your faithful pals that we are, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about the cloning effect in InShot.

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