How To Apply Text Behind Object Effect In InShot – Complete Guide 2024

There is a new wonderful way of improving your videos! Learn how to apply text behind object effect in Inshot pro apk, you can make text appear behind an object or person. There are some video effects that look quite plain but they have an element of surprise and elegance that makes a positive impression on the viewers and sometimes generates a response that the viewers aren’t even aware of. Making your text appear behind the characters is one such way of catching the audience’s attention and making a positive and pleasant impact on their sub-conscience. Using this effect, you can easily create clips that show a person hopping over a text or rising from beneath a piece of text, you can manipulate this effect in countless ways to create incredibly engaging clips that capture attention and earn you those precious views, the text behind object effect is also a great way for achieving fame on social-media as these types of effects are known for trending quickly and are very widely used by all types of content creators, but these effects aren’t just for social media stardom, you can utilize the text behind object effect beautifully in professional projects as well by keeping the effect in the background and not making it too over the top. There are a lot of alterations and customizations that you can add with this effect, besides all the options that are available separately, you can alter the characteristics and features of your text extensively, moreover, you can also edit and make any changes to your clips even after reviewing the results, also, there are tons of different fonts, sizes and colors available for the added text so you can choose the perfect match that fits in with the mood of the video. Now, some of you might be thinking that this is just one of those effects that require a lot of hassle but don’t provide much of a value, well, we are incredibly excited to inform you that there is no such thing as “hassle” in our dictionary and making video-editing feel effortless is what we are all about, so rest assured, there is not a thing that you’ll find difficult while applying this effect, in fact, you’ll be relieved that we already have discussed about an effect that is quite similar in application to this effect, the giant effect is essentially the same effect in application with a different flavor. You can simply apply the text behind object effect from Inshot Pro APK.

How To Apply Text Behind Object Effect In InShot

How to Apply Text behind object Effect In InShot Tutorial

How to Apply Text behind object Effect In InShot Method

Now that you know what a wonderful tool the text behind object effect is, follow this guide step by step to learn how to apply this effect:

  1. Record a video that you want to use, make sure that the character moves over or below the point where you want to put your text at least once.
  2. Upload the video in Inshot by tapping the “video” button in the home page.
  3. Move the video timeline to the point where you want your text to start appearing.
  4. Select the “text” tool from the tools panel, a text bar will appear on the screen, you can now type-in your text.
  5. Drag the text timeline to the point to which you want it visible.
  6. Next, position the text where you want it to be and export your video after saving you changes.
  7. Now import the newly created video back into Inshot app.
  8. Select the “PIP” tool to import the original video and make an over lay with it over the video with the added text and tap on “auto-fill”.
  9. Now keep the original clip selected and split the original clip at the point at which the character is above or below the text and delete the part before the text.
  10. Now simply tap on the cutout tool to delete the background and you are done.

Note: if you want the character to remain above the text throughout the video, just skip over the split and delete part in the process discussed above and apply the cutout tool to the entire clip.


A1: You can move your text behind people using Inshot pro by using the “text behind object” effect, using this effect, you can easily make your text appear behind moving or stationary objects and you can even make people appear as jumping over the text.

A2: Yes! The text behind object feature is absolutely free in Inshot pro and available with all the popular versions of the app.

A3: You only need the PIP tool and the split tool for applying the text behind object effect.

A4: You can utilize this effect in countless ways, the most popular applications are jumping over text, rising from behind the text or keeping the text in the background behind moving objects.

A5: No, this feature is available in all the older versions of this app and also available in the updated 2024 version.


As we discussed above, the text behind object effect is an excellent and widely used way of putting your text behind objects, it even allows you to make the objects appear jumping over or ducking under the texts which adds a touch of excitement and wonder to your clips. The application of this effect is really a piece of cake as all you have to do is use the PIP tool to over lay videos and that’s about it, easy-peasy! So download Inshot pro apk free now and start using text like a pro.

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