How To Apply The AI Effect In InShot – Complete Guide 2024

Let’s take a look at an exciting newly introduced effect and learn how to apply the AI effect in InShot. Have you ever wanted video effects that could do the impossible? Effects that challenge the bounds of reality while giving visual pleasure by extremely appealing and creative styles and patterns, well, you’d be thrilled to realize that all that is now possible with the “AI effect” now available in InShot pro apk. The all new AI effect is an amazing new option that lets you apply incredibly appealing and exciting effects on your video clips, these effects can completely transform the entire mood and of your content, making it more exciting and increasing the viewer’s interest ten folds! The app provides you with 3 main categories of effects which are; “line, clone and style” in the line category, you’ll find a variety of border like options that form around the person in the clip, then we have the clone effect, which provides a wide array of cloning effects that generate clones or copies of the main character in different forms and characteristics and last but not the least, we have the “style” category which lets overlay different styles and patterns on to the characters. let’s take a better look at the categories of the AI effects, starting with the “Line” effect, this amazing option has loads of effects that consist with outlines of different types and variations, you have Double, Illusion or Dazzle effects or you can opt for something a bit more radical and use the Neon, Fire or Current effects. In the Clone category, you’ll find a lot of exciting types of effects making use of clones, like multiple clones, clone shadows, clones that rapidly move within the axis of the main character or with shifting colors. In the Style section, you’ll find some of the most widely used effects and there’s a good reason for that. The Style category provides you with a wide array of effects that overlap the characters with a huge exciting variety of different colors, patterns and blends, from futuristic cyber punk to old school retro filters, you have all you need to create really stylish and engaging content. InShot pro apk even lets you play with the AI effects after applying like the angles and ratio adjustments so that you can have it done right to your specification.  The options are really limitless in this app, want to burst in flames? You can do that with this amazing effect, want to blend yourself into a sparkling city skyline with countless colorful lights? You can do that too, want to make duplicates of yourself with different retro styles? Well, go right ahead. In short, the new AI effect lets you flirt with countless graphic styles and looks with different colors and textures, you can even put different AI effects in the same clip, that means you have literally no limits, the possibilities are endless and your imagination is your only barrier. Although the results of the AI effect speak for themselves, the icing on the cake is that the process of applying this effect is effortless, all you have to do is choose the style of your choice and apply the effect and InShot pro apk will do the rest, there are no technical adjustments, you don’t have to fiddle with any complicated tools or options and the entire process takes only a few minutes. You can simply download the Inshot Pro APK and use the AI effect 100% free from here.

how to apply the AI effect in InShot

how to apply the AI effect in InShot Tutorial

Easy Steps Of How to apply the AI effect in InShot

So are you ready to make amaze everyone by dropping videos with some of the most jaw dropping effects? Just follow the super easy step-by-step process provided ahead:

  1. To stop the process, off course you will have to upload a video to the InShot pro app first so that you can work on It so just tap on the “Video” button in the home screen and select a video from your device’s storage.
  2. Now to get to the AI effect tap on “filter” button in the tools panel and then select “effect” from the provided options.
  3. After selecting the effect option, you will be presented with 3 different types of the AI effect which are, Line, Clone and Style. Decide which type of affects you want to apply and select the effects accordingly.
  4. As you select the type of effect, you will be presented with a variety of AI effects of that type and you can apply those effects just by tapping on them, as you tap on an option, the effect will get applied on your video clip and you can view the result in the preview video.
  5. There are loads of adjustments and customizations that you can easily do with the AI effect like adjusting colors, angles or even the density and proportions of the applied effects.
  6. After making the desired adjustments, just tap on the check mark and save your changes.


A1: There is a wide variety of AI effects available with InShot pro apk depending on the version, popular options include green screen effects, clone effects, styles and artistic filters like Van Gogh, watercolor, pixel art, etc.

A2: The effects are fairly accurate but that can depend on the complexity of the video. Some effects usually work better than others, the best way of getting the best results is to make sure that the videos are not overly complicated and there are no unwanted objects in the clips.

A3: A lot of the AI effects are absolutely free but there are some paid effects as well that are available as premium features.

A4: Off course you can! There are a lot of modifications and customizations available for the AI effects including colors, gaps and angles.

A5: Many of the AI effect options can be applied in the offline mode but some examples may require an Internet connection like the sky replacement effect.


The InShot pro apk is full of awesome surprises in the form of amazing tools that will surely be crucial in enhancing and transforming your videos and the AI effects option is a shining example of that, so far we have discussed how the AI effect is a super-easy and effective way of applying very attractive and eye-catching effects, and above all, the effects in question are really easy to apply as you can apply them directly and by just selecting the desired effects and saving the changes. There is a large variety of effects available and there are a lot of options available to further enhance and optimize the effects according to your personal desires. The fact that the AI effect option comes ready-made and ready to use with InShot pro apk makes it a really good choice for all video editors and makes the app even more attractive for the social media users.

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