How To Apply The Flick Effect In InShot Pro – Complete Guide

Sometimes, you come across a video that has a really cool thumbnail and you just stop in your tracks and tap on it out of curiosity, then the video starts to play and it’s one of those videos with the main character performing some impossible stunts and tricks that you know are an editing gimmick but it all seems so freaking real! How do they do that? What editing genius have they unlocked to be able to pull off something like that and you think you’ll probably never be able to create content as cools as those big social-media stars with their big channels with big budgets, you might be thinking that only a miracle will make you able to create content like that, but boy do we have news for you. When we tell you that InShot pro is your best buddy we mean it, and to prove just that, we are here with yet another incredibly mesmerizing and amazing effect that is available on this amazing app just for you. So what are we talking about? You might ask, well the effect that we are talking about is the much sorted after “flick effect”, and now you might ask; what is the flick effect and how to apply the flick effect in InShot pro? And we are glad to tell you that we have the answer. You don’t need to be troubled. You can easily download InShot Pro from Inshot Pro APP.

how to apply the flick effect in InShot pro

how to apply the flick effect in InShot pro Tutorial

The flick effect is a remarkable new effect that enables you to make objects move with a sharp jerk, like they were just flicked away by some invisible force, sounds amazing right? And this effect looks equally amazing in action as well. With the flick effect, you are bound to turn some heads and if viewership is what you are looking for and you make playful short videos, then success is guaranteed. There are loads of different ideas that you can work on using this effect, you can make it look like someone just got flicked away and banged into a wall or tree, you can employ jump-scare tactics as if someone got startled and jumped away to a long distance or you can think of content with comedic and comical undertones with objects and people moving about with the flick effect. Oh and we almost forgot to mention the best part, you won’t have to actually move people or objects with uncomfortable jerks and motions as the flick effect does not require that and is sufficient for making the motions organic and real all by its self.

how to apply the flick effect in InShot Pro step by Step

Now you might be thinking, that this effect is probably very hard to create but once again, InShot pro is here to be a hero and save the day, in other words, the effect is really easy and simple to create and requires just a little bit of your attention and nothing else. So let’s take a look at the (number) easy steps of applying the flick effect:

  1. Select a place with a big object like a tree or a wall in the back.
  2. Start by recording a video of you moving towards the camera, react as if you have just been flicked, you can act startled and shocked and even jump a little.
  3. Now, take a video of the empty frame with no activity.
  4. Next, act as if you got thrown into the object in the back.
  5. Record a video of a hand doing a flick into a green screen.
  6. Now take a screenshot of yourself in mid air while performing the act of getting flicked from the first video and import the screenshot into InShot pro.
  7. Now, use the cutout tool to cut away the excess parts of the screenshot, trim all unneasary parts except yourself and save it.
  8. Now import all your videos into InShot.
  9. Next, use the “split” tool to select all the unnecessary parts of the video from the slider and tap on the “delete” option to delete those parts.
  10. Now tap on the “PIP” tool to add the screenshot cutout you saved before from your device’s gallery.
  11. Add “key frame” at the point where you added the cutout and adjust the size by dragging the handles at the corners of the cutout.
  12. Stay in the PIP mode and add the green screen video you recorded earlier at the part where the flick takes place, then tap on the “autofill” to make the green screen fill out the screen.
  13. Now use the “Chroma” tool to remove the green screen and you are done!

Now you can review your results and make the required adjustments and bang! You have created an amazing video with the flick effect. It was just that easy.

how to apply the flick effect in InShot pro FAQs

You have learned to use the flick effect but you might have a few questions, so, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers for you:


  • Avoid using the flick effect too much in a single video as it can become destracting.
  • Try to sync the flick effect with the music or sounds in the video.
  • To have better impact, try combining the flick effect with other effects and filters.

A2: Yes off course! There are great tutorials available for achieving this effect. Scroll up and look for the easiest tutorial for one such tutorials.


  • Not syncing the different parts of the video, making it look inconsistent.
  • Not syncing the effect with the content of the video.
  • Exporting the videos in incorrect formats.


  • Use high quality videos.
  • Make sure the audio is synchronized with the flicks and transition smoothly.
  • Export the edited videos in high resolution.

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