How to Create Auto Captions In InShot – Complete Guide 2024

In this great little piece of text, we will show you how to create auto captions in InShot pro, so let’s take a look. The Internet is full of videos, it has videos about literally everything, those videos cover every topic and every subject, there is a video for the time you want to laugh and a video for when you feel like crying, if you can merely think about something, there is a video about it somewhere on the internet, but what are these videos for and how did we get here? The simple answer is; those videos are messages, in their very core, they are a means of communication, but what if they fail to deliver the message? What if the audience fail to grasp the meaning of what is being said? Well then, the whole point of the video will be gone, and that’s where InShot jumps in for the rescue with its super amazing auto captions, but first of all, what are captions? Captions are prominent pieces of text that are presented in videos or slideshows, but they aren’t just some boring subtitles narrating the audio word by word, they are more than that, captions define what’s going on, they are an extract of the whole video, they are a way of taking a lot of information and compressing them into a small piece of exciting and readable text that could really connect with the viewers, there are countless ways of using captions, they can be presented as a summary of each separate scene or they can be provided at the end of the video as a thought provoking message. So now that we know what captions are, let’s take a look at the auto captions feature provided in InShot pro. If yor are looking for the just click InShOt Pro APK.

How to Create Auto Captions In InShot

How to Create Auto Captions In InShot Features

The app provides you a free auto captions feature and the good news doesn’t end there, the auto captions feature offered here is special in a lot of ways, let’s see what are the best qualities of the brilliant auto captions feature:


The high level of accuracy grants the auto caption feature a special place among its piers as it lets you use it without worrying about grammatical errors. With the InShot pro auto caption feature, you don’t have to constantly worry about making a silly mistake and looking unprofessional to your viewers.


The options available for customizing your captions are virtually endless, you can avail all sorts of awesome fonts, sizes and styles and position them where ever and however you want.

No watermarks

Watermarks are one of the most annoying and nastiest traits of many tools and apps, but not here. With InShot pro, you can use the amazing auto captions feature without having to deal with tacky watermarks that ruin the whole experience of video editing.

Multiple Languages

This amazing feature supports multiple languages and that makes it truly special and feasible. With auto captions you can edit videos with many different languages and you will still be able to generate great captions without the hustle of writing them yourself, because the app does all the work for you.

Easy Steps Of How to Create Auto Captions In InShot

The process of applying the auto captions through InShot pro is very simple, all you have to do is tap on a few buttons and that’s it, the only easier thing would be to write the text down with a pencil.

So, looking at some of the special qualities of this feature, it’s pretty evident that the auto captions feature is the best way to add captions in your videos and it can make life a lot easier for any video editor. Now let’s take a look at how this feature is used in the following step-by-step process.

  1. Simply start by importing the desired video into the InShot pro app by tapping on the “video” button and selecting the video from your device’s storage.
  2. After importing the video into InShot pro, tap on the “text” button from the tools ribbon in the bottom to open up the text related options window.
  3. Now tap on the “captions”, this will open up the options of creating captions for videos or audio clips, select the category you want and then tap on the green button in the bottom labelled “create captions”. The captions for your video or audio clip are now created.
  4. Now, to customize the newly added captions, tap on the text layer which is present just above the video timeline slider. You can add all sorts of customizations, like changing colors, sizes or fonts, the feature even offers animation options for the captions.
  5. After adding all the customizations and making sure that the captions are configured just as you want, tap on the check mark to apply all the changes to your clips.
  6. Now all you have to do is save your changes and that’s it, your work here is done!

So you learned to successfully implement the amazing auto captions feature in InShot pro and it didn’t even feel like that did it? It is truly wild the way that this app takes every feature that looks complicated and makes it so easy that you can learn to use them within the first 5 minutes.

How to Create Auto Captions In InShot Tutorial


Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the auto captions feature.

A1: Yes off course! You can easily edit the auto captions by adding text or through deleting or modifying the styles. InShot pro also allows you to adjust timing or split captions in different parts.

A2: Yes, InShot pro provides you with the option of generating captions in different languages but it can depend on the version you are using.

A3: You can easily improve the accuracy of the auto captions by reducing background noises, making the dialogues clear and distinct and by avoiding the use of slang language and gibberish, using a good quality microphone might also help.

A4: Presently, some versions of the InShot pro app do not require an internet connection for the auto captions feature to work properly, please check the app info to make sure if your version supports the feature offline.


We just got a deep look at the auto captions feature that is now available with InShot pro and we saw what an amazing edition it is for any video editing app, it can help you in creating and implementing great captions with very little effort and in very little time. The feature comes with a lot of extra customization options and many awesome traits that will make life a whole lot easier for you. With this feature, you can generate captions automatically and in a seamless manner which saves you a lot of time and effort, this means that auto captions is one of the best features available anywhere while still being very easily available. So, if you need beautiful and well put-together captions to your clips, open up the app now and try the feature for yourself. Let’s go and get cracking!

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