How To Put Two Videos Side By Side In InShOt

Side-by-side videos are an incredible way of showing comparisons between two or more products or objects to your audience, and they are especially useful in making introduction clips for videos that compare different objects. With Inshot, you can make amazing and professional side-by-side videos effortlessly and in record time! The app provides you with tools and features that are incredibly diverse and can be used for multiple purposes; this enables you to perform a huge range of tasks with a relatively small number of tools that are also easy to operate. So what are you waiting for? Install the app now and start making side-by-side videos immediately. If you are looking for the app you can go to this page to download the latest version of InShOt.

How To Put Two Videos Side By Side In Inshot

How To Put Two Videos Side By Side In Inshot Tutorial

Easy Steps Of How To Put Two Videos Side By Side In Inshot

As we told you before, the process of making side-by-side videos with Inshot is quite simple and easy, just follow these easy steps and start cracking!

  1. First of all, you must select two videos that you want to get played side by side. Pro tip: try to make sure that the content you want to show In one video is on one side and the content of the other videos is on the opposite side; this will make things a lot easier for you, but you can also make side by side videos with normal videos as well.
  2. Now go ahead and select the first video you want to add by tapping on the “video” icon, and after the video has been selected, tap on the video timeline and go to the volume option and lower the volume down all the way to zero.
  3. Now its time to add the other video; that is quite simple; just tap on the PIP tool from the toolbar, and it will take you to your phone’s gallery, choose the other video and tap on it, and it will automatically appear in Inshot’s main screen with its separate timeline.
  4. Now before you start working on the next video, it’s better to add a border to it if you want to show a clear separation between both videos. To add a border, tap on the edit icon in the top right corner of the new video; various options will appear. You must tap on the icon that looks like a square frame in the middle of the toolbar; once you tap on the icon, different options for colours will appear, tap on the colour you prefer, and that’s it! Your video now has a frame.
  5. Next, you must use the crop tool to adjust the size of the new video and adjust the screen size to make it fit half the space on the screen; this way, both of your videos will have equal space on the screen.
  6. Now the last thing to do is to lower the sound volume of the new video to zero to avoid any unwanted noises, and you are done! You have made a stunning side-by-side video on your first try!

Note: You can add sound and music effects to your newly created video. Look for the heading “How to add sound and music in Inshot”


A1: Yes, you can adjust the size and position of the side-by-side videos in InShot. After adding the second video to the canvas, you can use the drag handles or the provided settings to resize and reposition it as needed.

A2: Absolutely! InShot allows you to add audio to your side-by-side videos. Simply tap on the “Music” button, choose a song from your device’s library or the InShot music library, and adjust the audio settings accordingly.

A3: InShot supports a variety of video formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, and more. You can import videos in these formats to create side-by-side videos.

A4: Yes, InShot provides a range of filters, effects, and adjustments that you can apply to your side-by-side videos. Tap on the “Filter” or “Adjust” buttons to explore the available options and customize your videos.

A: Certainly! InShot allows you to add text, stickers, emojis, and other elements to your side-by-side videos. Tap on the respective buttons to access the text and sticker libraries, choose the desired options, and customize their appearance and placement.

A6: Yes, you can change the aspect ratio of the side-by-side videos in InShot. Tap on the “Canvas” button and select the desired aspect ratio, or manually enter custom dimensions to match your preferences.


So as we have seen, making side-by-side videos in Inshot is a piece of cake, and the tools provided by the app allow you to make very engaging side-by-side videos in no time; this makes this app ideal for making this kind of videos because it allows you to create the content of your desires without the hassle of going through a learning process that takes lots of time and effort. So get started and start creating!

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