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InShOt Pro APK Additional Information:

Application NameInShot Pro APK
Latest Versionv2.032.1445
Last Updated12 April 2024
Rating4.8 stars (based on user reviews)
Offered ByInShot, Inc. 
Size77.73 MB
Supported DevicesAndroid devices running Android 7.0 or later
PriceFree (Premium Unlocked)
PermissionsCamera, Microphone, Storage, Contacts (optional)

In the dynamic digital universe where content is king, the quest for the perfect video editing tool becomes paramount. InShot Pro APK emerges as a beacon in this quest, redefining mobile video editing excellence. Tailored for both professional video creators and enthusiastic hobbyists, it brings a suite of top-notch editing features right to your fingertips. From cutting-edge transitions to high-quality filters, InShot Pro Unlocked APK stands as the epitome of flexibility and precision.

Whether you’re a YouTuber aiming to captivate audiences, an advertiser crafting a compelling narrative, or just someone seeking to weave memories into a cinematic tapestry, InShot Pro is your go-to solution. Beyond its rich toolkit effects, speed control, music integration, and more its seamless user interface ensures that your creative process remains undisturbed, wherever you are.

InShot Pro APK

What Is Inshot Pro APK?

InShot Pro Mod APK

InShot Pro APK Unlocked is among the most popular mobile applications that allow users to edit and enhance their photos and videos with a wide array of features and tools. The app has gained unprecedented popularity among professionals and social media users, vloggers, and content creators alike due to its user-friendly interface and flexible editing capabilities.

The app was Launched in 2014. Since then its popularity has only increased, and Inshot pro APK has become one of the top video editing apps available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app provides a plethora of features, including trimming and cutting capabilities, increasing or decreasing video speed, adding and adjusting music, text, filters, stickers, and more. But perhaps one of the biggest reasons behind the app’s popularity is that These features allow users to create professional-looking videos without requiring extensive editing skills or prior experience.

The original InShot app is free to download and use, but of course, some advanced features are only available with the premium version that require you to pay a fee, but that is where InShot Pro Apk Editor jumps in to save your hard-earned cash as the absolute best thing about this app is that it has all the premium quirks and features but you don’t have to pay a dime, no that is not a spelling error, the InShot pro is absolutely and definitely FREE! You can also use Inshot in PC.

InShot Pro Free

InShot MOD APK offers some additional exciting new features, such as the capability of removing the watermarks providing more legitimacy and professional feel to your content, adding voice-overs, and even lets you adjust video aspect ratios. Because of these excellent additional features, InShot remains a very suitable solution for those who want to create high-quality video content on their mobile devices.

All things considered, InShot has become the most popular choice for social media artists, content creators, and even everyday users looking to improve and enhance their videos and photos with professional editing, which alone speaks volumes in favour of this app. With a pleasantly user-friendly interface and massively powerful editing tools on such a compact package, InShot is an ideal and sensible choice for anyone looking to make engaging and competitive video and picture content on their mobile platforms.

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly video editing app with a wide range of features, InShot Pro APK is a good option. However, if you need more advanced features, you may want to consider using a different video editing app, such as Adobe Premiere Rush or LumaFusion. Ultimately, the best video editor for you is the one that meets your specific needs and budget.

Comparison between InShot Pro APK and Capcut:

In the world of mobile video editing, several apps stand out for their features, accessibility, and user-friendly interfaces. InShot and CapCut are among the most popular choices for creators looking to edit videos on the go. Each app offers unique features and capabilities, catering to different editing styles and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at how these three apps compare:

FeatureInShot ProCapCut
Platform AvailabilityAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOS
Free Version AvailableYesYes
Pro/Premium VersionYesYes
PriceFreemium, with in-app purchasesFree
Ad-Free ExperienceAvailable Available
Keyframe AnimationYesYes
Advanced TransitionsYesYes
Chroma Key (Green Screen)YesNo
4K Video ExportYesNo
Audio EditingYesYes
Text AnimationsYesYes
Stickers and EffectsExtensive library availableLimited
Social Media IntegrationYesYes
Speed AdjustmentYesYes
In-App Music LibraryYesYes
User InterfaceUser-friendlyUser-friendly
Community SupportActive community and tutorialsLimited community

All The Amazing FEATURES of InShot PRO APK

InShot Mod APK

Let’s take a look at the InShot APK Pro Full Features that will take you a step ahead.

Unique and attractive Graphics

The app has integrated the very best high-definition graphics, which made it massively attractive to its users, especially the younger users. This was only made possible by using the state-of-the-art 3D graphics technique extensively.

InShot Download

Outstanding Sound Effects

The application provides you with the ability to choose from the best of the best sound options with the best sound quality. You also have the complete authority to select the sound effects of your very own choice while editing the videos.

InShot App

Engaging and easy controls

The Inshot pro APK Video Editor offers very elegantly simple and amazing controls that are easily under the grasp of everyone and anyone. Even if you are a total newbie, you can definitely perform each and every one of the functions very well and can use all the features so easily that you will never even think it’s your first time.

InShot Apk Download New Version

Optimized Video Quality

While you are exporting your video content in this app, you have the leverage of saving it in whatever quality you like, from low to medium to HD. You have the choice to choose the quality that best suits you and your preferences, although our suggestion for you is to try exporting your videos in HD quality to achieve the best results.

Inshot Premium APK

Add text While creating Videos

Text generators are often overlooked but critically important features in video-making apps, which is why in InShot pro APK, the creators made sure to add the best possible features so that the users can extract the maximum productivity out of their work, by using the text feature provided by this application, You can add text into your videos very easily, for example, you can add text and captions to your content as well to make your content understandable and clear if you are making documentary style video or to display information to your viewers as side notes.

Inshot Pro APK

Control Speed

Another feature that is often overlooked but its importance cannot be overstated. We are talking of speed adjustments. Inshot gives you the ability to easily control the speed of your video clips in whatever way suits you the best. If you use this feature, you can alter the play speed of your content as you please. By making use of this feature, you can also make very interesting and engaging slow Mo videos that are bound to capture the attention of your viewer base.

Inshot Pro App

MP4 conversion

InShot pro APK also provides you with very newly provided features, such as MP4 conversion option that will make your life a lot easier. This newly added key feature gives you the opportunity to convert your video clips from other video formats into MP4 format that you can run on any other device or computer without facing any hiccups.

Inshot Video Editor

Video Sharing

After you are done making or editing the videos using the InShot APK Mod, you can directly and quickly share these videos with your friends and connections by simply pressing the share button. After that, you have to do nothing but select from the options of various social media applications you want to use, and after just simply selecting the person or account with whom you want to share your video, you can also upload your content directly on your social media account such as your Facebook ID.

Inshot Photo Editor

Used By anyone

You can use this marvellous application on any device you want and work on your video projects like a professional. Even a totally unfamiliar person can start using it and immediately gain an understanding of all its functions very easily and do it in very little time. All you have to do is just add the video clips or choose the photos that you want to create your content with to perform different functions on them and get marvelous results. We actually encourage new users to do just that to help them get familiar with the app.


Inshot mod APK is a multifunctional and multi-purpose application that can be used to perform a huge variety of multitasking functions like editing video clips, merging photos with videos, sharing to other applications and a lot more. This remarkable feature allows you to take your editing skills to the next level of professionalism, and you can do that without the terrible headache of having to carry a laptop or be in front of a desktop computer.

A Modern Take On Editing

Inshot MOD APK provides you with a whole suite of video editing features and tools. By using these tools, you can create content in a way that keeps up with modern trends and times. You can use tools such as video splitting to put gaps video if need be. Video trimming lets you cut away parts that you don’t need and is helpful in sticking with the agenda of your content by showing only the bits that you think match it. The merging tool lets you merge the parts that you wish in a seamless manner that will look professional and many other such tools that will prove essential to your purpose.

Import Photos & Videos

Inshot pro APK Premium Unlocked has made the job of importing photos and videos very easy and simple. You can do that in this application by simply opening the application and then pressing the button that says “video/collage/image” Next, you only have to press the “new” button and choose the clips or pictures you want to add in for editing, the whole process is very simple, and you will be able to do it in no time at all.

Inshot mod APK


In this application, you can apply all sorts of transitions for making the content more and more amazing and attractive for the viewers to see. A transition is simply the movement that is usually performed when one clip moves towards the next clip, and it is very important for you to make it appear seamless and without any hindrance. So, it’s best to apply those transitions that are perfectly matching with your video effects and style.

Inshot APK Mod

Apply Animations

One of the best, if not the best, function in any video-making app is animation, and also one of the most fun parts of editing is adding the animations to your clips. This app lets you use various types of animation in your content that will enhance watchability and add style and playfulness to your clips. It also creates smoothness while moving from one clip to another clip.

InShot Pro APK Cracked

Video Settings

You can also change and alter various aspects of your video and change your video settings as you like; for example, you can increase or decrease the brightness of your video, you can manage and control hues, alter saturation settings, tinker with exposure, increase or decrease sharpness, highlight, apply shadow effects, manage temperature, make the video fade, including vintage effects, etc.

Cut & Compress Videos

Do you think the video came out too long and the audience might get bored? Well, think no further. With Inshot pro APK you can take advantage of the cut and compress feature and make your video fit your time frame without compromising the quality. Now cut and compress your videos as much as you want. If you want to enhance your video editing capabilities in InShot.

InShot Pro APK Without Ads

Rotate and Angle

For some reason, you need to rotate or add angles to your content? That is a feature that can help you massively in many cases. This tool enables you to rotate your content at different angles according to your specific requirements.

InShot Pro APK Editor

Create Videos From Photos

If you want to create a video that has no actual video clips but photos, you can absolutely do that with Inshot pro APK. The app lets you make slide show style videos with various slide styles and with any background audio like music, vocals or simple dialogues and subtitles or add captions.

Remove Background

This feature can be a life saver in so many situations. With this feature, you can remove or add any background you want and personalize and customize your content in any way imaginable. It also enables you to use content without the risk of copyright strikes and lets you change the style of your content.

A Lot of Fonts

Did we mention fonts? Well, there are a lot of fonts available for you to choose from, fonts of literally all sizes and shapes. Use whatever font suits you to add text to your videos. It provides a wide variety of amazing fonts that make the video more attractive and stunning, and the wide variety helps you to choose a font that really fits with the style of your video. Inshot pro has a new incredible effect just for you and it’s going to blow your minds! Behold the magnificent “Cinematic Text Reveals Effect” and see what amazing things it can do.

InShot Pro APK Lifetime


The app comes with an amazing collection of stickers, and there is a huge number of them to make sure you have something that suits you. They are a great help in making your video eye-catching and look playful, and friendly.

Make Collage

Using this app, you will also be able to make interesting and appealing collages using your photos and videos from your device.

InShot Pro APK 2023

Video Editing features

InShot Pro APK comes with a huge and exciting variety of very powerful video editing tools that allow users to trim, cut, merge, and split video clips according to their wishes. You can also adjust and customize the speed of your videos and also add music backgrounds or voice-overs to them. The app also allows you to add text, stickers, and emojis to your videos, which can definitely help to add playfulness and make your content a lot more watchable.

Filters and Effects

The app offers a range of filters and effects that you can apply to your videos to give them a unique look and appearance for the viewer. The app includes a great variety of awesome filters for adjusting things such as brightness, contrast, and saturation of your video content to put a new life in them, as well as a wide range of effects for adding a vintage, sci-fi, or cartoonish looks that will add a lot of value to your content. If you’re looking to enhance your video with captivating effects, one of the most eye-catching choices is the giant effect.

InShot Pro APK Effects

Music and Audio

Inshot MOD APK also allows you to add music or voice-overs, or any audio of your choice to your videos, giving them a personal touch according to your liking touch. The app comes with a whole range of pre-installed music tracks that can make your job a whole lot easier, and you can also add the music of your choice from your device’s music library, which can help you make your content stand out. You can also adjust the volume and duration of your music tracks to fit perfectly with your videos.

InShot Pro APK Music

Video formatting

 InShot Pro APK allows you to export your videos in a range of latest formats and resolutions, including HD and even 2K. You can also choose any aspect ratio of your videos, which is particularly useful if you are creating content for social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok.

Inshot Pro App

Inshot PRO APK Premium Unlocked

Inshot PRO APK Premium Unlocked

As a powerful and one of the best mobile video editing apps, InShot Pro APK 2024 is a great app that offers a variety of exciting new features, including the options like trim, crop, rotate, etc., that can make a huge difference to your content. The app also allows users to add music, text, and stickers to videos, but some of these excellent features are exclusively offered with the premium version of the Inshot pro-app.

The free version of InShot Pro has a number of limitations, including:

  • Watermarks on exported videos
  • Limited access to some of the features
  • Frequent ads

Here is a list of some of the advantages of the premium unlocked version:

  • No watermarks on exported videos
  • Unlimited access to features
  • No ads
  • More variety of features such as fonts and filter

This feature is a great advantage that is only available in the InShot Pro APK Premium Unlocked Version, which is the InShot Pro APK. If you export a clip by using the free version of InShot Pro, there will be a watermark automatically added to the bottom of your video. This can definitely look unpleasant and unprofessional, and that can be even more of a problem if you intend to use your video content for commercial reasons.

Another great advantage of using the unlocked version of the Inshot pro APK is the unlimited access to features. The free version will limit your access to some features, like your ability to add music and text your content. The premium unlocked version of this app gives you unhindered access to a complete variety of special features, so you are able to create great videos without any kind of restrictions or hindrances.

The automatic blockade of all types of ads is also a huge advantage of the premium unlocked version of this app. The free version of InShot Pro, like other free applications, contains ads which can be frequent and that can be extremely annoying. The InShot Pro premium unlocked version “inshot pro APK” does not bombard you with any ads whatsoever, so you can create your video content with ease and without the anxiety about long and annoying ads.

If you are someone who wants to take your video editing to the next level, then the premium unlocked version of this application is definitely the most sensible option for you. It rids you of all of the downsides and limitations of the free versions and gives unlimited access to you so that you enjoy the full range of features. This enables you to create wonderful and professional video content without any limitations.

Some additional benefits of using the InShOt premium unlocked version:

  • Create videos high-quality HD videos.
  • Save lots of time by using advanced features.
  • Export videos in higher resolutions.
  • Use the app interruptions-free for as long as you want.

InShot Pro APK Download Without Watermark

InShot Pro APK Download Without Watermark

The no watermark feature is another Incredibly useful feature in this app that provides you with the option of making your video content look professional that is free of any branding. This feature is going to be very useful for you if you want to use the content for business purposes or if individuals have to make high-quality content for commercial intents.

How to Remove a Watermark:

  • Go to the InShot Pro APK and import the clips that have watermarks to be removed.
  • Tap on the “Watermark” icon that is present in the toolbar.
  • Tap on the “Remove Watermark” button.
  • InShot Pro APK will do the rest and detect and remove the watermarks automatically.
  • After removing the watermark, you can save and export your video as usual.

All in all, the InShot Pro Mod Apk download without watermark makes the task of removing watermarks extremely simple and easy. The no watermark feature lets you create videos without worrying about branding issues and copyright problems, which is definitely very useful for all types of businesses and creators who want to create quality content for commercial and marketing purposes.

Additional benefits of the Inshot pro APK no watermark feature:

  • Makes your videos appear more professional.
  • You can avoid many types of copyright issues that are usually caused by using content with watermarks.
  • You can put your own watermarks after removing previous watermarks, which will provide more credibility to your content.

InShot Pro APK No-Ads

InShot Apk Download New Version

InShot Mod APK is among the most popular video editing app and offers lots of options. Those options include cutting, trimming and lots of video and sound effects. but the free variant of this app contains ads that are definitely annoying.

However, there are some solutions to remove ads from this application. A very common solution is to buy the premium variant of the app. It will cost you $4.99. Another way of doing that, and probably the best way, is to get the ad-free version of this app from a third-party website like this one.

But one thing to keep in mind is that If you choose to download the ad-free variant of the InShot pro APK, make sure that you do so from a reputable and dependable website like this one. There are a lot of shady variants of this app available that can contain harmful software or viruses.

Once you have downloaded the ad-free version of the InShot pro APK, you can install it on your Android device just like any other app. Once you have installed the app on your Android or IOS device, you can use the app without having to deal with any annoying ads.

Here is a list of benefits of using the InShot Pro APK Without Ads:

  • No more insufferable ads
  • Faster functioning of the software hence faster editing
  • More usable storage
  • Improved and faster performance

How to Import Files in InShot for PC

InShot is a popular video editing application known for its user-friendly interface and powerful editing tools. While InShot is primarily designed for mobile devices, many users prefer the convenience of using it on their PC through the BlueStacks emulator. However, importing files into InShot on BlueStacks can be a bit tricky if you’re not familiar with the process. In this guide, we’ll take you through the steps to import files in InShot for PC on BlueStacks, ensuring you have a seamless editing experience.

How To Import Files In InShot

Step 1: Install BlueStacks on Your PC

Before you can use InShot on your PC, you’ll need to install BlueStacks, an Android emulator that allows you to run mobile apps on your computer. Follow these steps to get BlueStacks up and running:

  1. Visit the BlueStacks website and download the latest version of the BlueStacks emulator for Windows or macOS Or you can download it from our website.
  2. Run the BlueStacks installer, following the on-screen instructions. This process might take a few minutes, so be patient.
  3. Once the installation is complete, launch BlueStacks.

Step 2: Download InShot from Our Website

To download InShot for your PC on BlueStacks, you need to acquire the InShot APK from a trusted source like Follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser in BlueStacks.
  2. In the browser’s address bar, type “” and press Enter.
  3. On the InShotProApps website, locate the download section or search for the InShot APK For PC.
  4. Click on the download link for the InShot APK.
  5. Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded APK file. It’s typically found in the “Downloads” folder within BlueStacks.
  6. Double-click the InShot APK to start the installation process.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to install InShot on your BlueStacks emulator.
  8. Once the installation is complete, you can find InShot in your BlueStacks app library.

Step 3: Importing Files into InShot

Different methods of how to easily import files into InShot for PC on Bluestacks.

Method 1: Using the Media Manager

  1. Open Bluestacks and launch InShot.
  2. Click on the “Create New” button.
  3. Click on the “Import” button.
  4. Select the “Media Manager” tab.
  5. Click on the “Import From Windows” button.
  6. Select the files that you want to import.
  7. Click on the “Open” button.

The selected files will be imported into the Media Manager. You can now access them from InShot.

Method 2: Using Drag-and-Drop

  1. Open Bluestacks and launch InShot.
  2. Open the folder that contains the files that you want to import.
  3. Drag and drop the files into the InShot window.

The files will be imported into InShot.

Method 3: Using the Shared Folder

  1. Open Bluestacks and launch InShot.
  2. Click on the “Create New” button.
  3. Click on the “Import” button.
  4. Select the “Shared Folder” tab.

The Shared Folder is a folder that is shared between Bluestacks and your PC. You can access the Shared Folder from both Bluestacks and your PC.

  1. Copy the files that you want to import into the Shared Folder.
  2. The files will be automatically imported into InShot.


  • If you are having trouble importing files into InShot, make sure that the files are in a format that is supported by InShot.
  • You can also try restarting Bluestacks.

Step 4: Editing Your Media

InShot offers a range of editing tools and features to enhance your photos and videos. Here are some of the basic editing functions you can use:

  • Trim and cut your videos: Use the trimming tool to select specific parts of your video or adjust its duration.
  • Add music: Import your own music or choose from the app’s music library to add background music to your video.
  • Apply filters and effects: InShot provides a variety of filters and effects to enhance the visual appeal of your media.
  • Add text and stickers: Customize your video with text overlays, stickers, and emojis.
  • Adjust speed: Speed up or slow down your video clips to create dynamic effects.

Step 5: Export Your Project

Once you’ve completed your editing, it’s time to export your project as a final video or image. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the checkmark or “Save” button to save your project.
  2. Select the export settings you prefer, including video quality, format, and resolution.
  3. Click the “Export” or “Save” button to render your edited media.
  4. Your edited video or photo will be saved to your device’s gallery within BlueStacks.

Learn How to Import Files in InShot for PC In This Video

Guide for Using Inshot Pro APK Unlocked

Here are step-by-step directions for using the InShot MOD APK mobile application:

Step 1: Import Your Video or Photo

Once you’ve installed the Inshot app download, open it and choose from the selections of “Video” or “Photo” from the main screen, according to what you want to edit. Then, select the video or photo you want to edit from the storage, which can be your device’s camera roll or gallery.

Step 2: Start Editing

Now that you’ve ”imported” your video or photo, which means that you have selected the photo or video of your choice, it’s time to start the editing process. There are a lot of ways in which you can create content on InShot Pro APK and so many features that will help you create everything and anything you want; those features are discussed above.

Step 3: Save and Share

You are nearing the end of your video editing process, and you are probably thinking about how to save the progress you have made. Well, think no more because InShot Crack APK has got your back once again! Once you’ve finished editing your video, to save your content, all you have to do is tap the checkmark icon and voila! You have saved your changes. You can then directly choose to share your video on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, which is as convenient as it gets or save it to your device’s camera roll or gallery for later use.

Additional Tips for Using Inshot Pro APK

Here is a collection of additional tips to help you get the absolute most out of the InShot APK Pro:

  • Make sure to use high-quality videos and photos for the best results.
  • Experiment and play with different editing tools and features in the app to find out which ones work best for your content.
  • Keep your edits simple and clean. Remember, cleanliness and simplicity are next to elegance and are hugely important qualities, as cluttered or overly edited content will definitely be distracting and confusing for viewers.
  • Make sure to add suitable music or sound effects to your content to make them more engaging and dynamic for your viewers and audience.
  • Use text and stickers sparingly. Remember the point we made earlier about simplicity and elegance, as too much text can also be distracting for viewers.
  • Make sure you save your work frequently to avoid losing any of your previous work.

How To Download Free Inshot pro APK

Simple and steps to download Inshot APP for IOs and Android:

For Android devices:

  • Open
  • Type “Inshot Pro Apk Download” in the search bar and press enter.
  • Click on the Inshot Pro APK Latest Version from the search results.
  • Click the Inshot Pro Download button to immediately start downloading the app.
  • Wait for the app to download. Afterwards, it will get installed automatically.
  • After the installation is complete, click on the “Open” button to launch the app.


A1: It is a very popular video editing app that allows you to create, edit and alter videos quickly and easily on your mobile phone. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

A2: With this app, you can do various tasks such as trimming and cutting videos, adding music and sound effects, altering video speed, adding text and stickers, using filters and effects, and a lot more. You can also use Inshot Mod APK to create social media posts like YouTube videos, as the app is integrated with various popular social media platforms.

A3: Yes, this Inshot Premium APK unlocked version offers a free version of the app with unlimited features. You can use the premium version of the app by downloading from here.

A4: To use the app, simply import videos or photos from your camera roll or make new ones by capturing new footage within the app. Once you have your footage, you have the ability to use the app’s editing tools to adjust and add effects.

A5: Yes, Inshot pro APK is designed to be user-friendly and easy, even for those with no prior experience in video-making editing. The app also provides step-by-step guidance and tutorials to help you with getting started.

A6: Yes, Inshot MOD APK allows you to share your edited videos directly to social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, or save them to your device.

A7:Inshot APK Pro supports a wide range of video and image file formats, including MP4, MOV, JPEG, and PNG.

A8: No, the app does not require an internet connection to edit videos. However, if you want to access additional music tracks or effects, an internet connection is required.

A9: Yes, Inshot pro APK MOD is safe to use. The app does not require any special permissions, and it does not collect or share any personal information.

A10: No, the app is designed to be used on mobile devices and is not available for desktop computers. To use it on computers, you must download the “for PC” variant of this app.


To conclude InShot pro Mod APK is a versatile, user-friendly and most importantly, a completely FREE mobile application that can definitely help you create high-quality video content for social media, YouTube, or other any other platforms. By following these step-by-step directions discussed in the article and utilizing the application’s many useful and exciting features, you can create, edit and enhance your videos quickly and easily while you are on the go. With a little creativity and practice, you can use this app to take your video content to the next level and will be making brilliant and wonderfully engaging content in no time at all. So go ahead and download InShot MOD APK Pro right here right now! Good luck!

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